Nitya Chandra’s vision for the Nitya Chandra Collection is inspired by her life’s many adventures. Born and raised in the fashion industry, Nitya traveled the world, met diverse people, and adapted herself to many cultures. Seeing the world this way through curious eyes sparked her desire to create wearable art.  

Nitya’s love for jewelry began when she lived as a young expatriate in Asia, where she learned to create filigree embossed plates from a local silversmith. It was a souvenir from her travels she’d never forget and an experience she would eventually build on.  Later in life when she moved to New York, Nitya nurtured her passion for creating beautiful things into a successful career in the luxury and fashion industry. For over a decade now, she has helped build and manage product development for international accessories and apparel brands.

Nitya works personally with small, boutique foundries locally to create artisanal collections. Each product is a unique, handmade piece of art that is made with care, devotion and an eye for detail. She ensures that her exceptional design and creative vision is consistently realized in the final product that reaches her customers.

Nitya considers jewelry to be an extension of who you are, where you come from, and where you want to go in life. In a world of fast fads and temporary trends, Nitya believes in classic elegance which transcends through time. This philosophy led her to create the Nitya Chandra Collection in 2014.